Sumo Steaks & Cheesesteaks

“If you’ve had one Philly Cheesesteak, then you’ve had them all.”

If you hear someone utter those words, then you know for a fact that:

A) They’re not from Philly
B) About to get a  3 hour lecture from someone who IS from Philly who knows that not all cheesesteaks are alike.

We’re taking a South Philly favorite and introducing it in North Philly, specifically the Allegheny West Area.


Because they need better cheesesteaks. They want better cheesesteaks. And we can give them better cheesesteaks. And we want to give the 22nd Street Corridor area a place where they can stop, order a steak, and come together with other people who are doing the same thing. Imagine the conversations that can be had over North Philly’s own cheesesteak!

Follow along with us on our journey as we check off items from our to-do list from finding a location, to the first day that we serve our very first customer.

Will it be you?

We hope so.

Whether you’re a wiz or a wit-out, a ketchup or a plain, a hot pepper or a sweet pepper kind of person, we’ve got you covered and we can’t wait to serve you North Philly’s own cheesesteak.

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