Gearing Up For Final Inspections

Handicap Bathroom Tips and Specs, a “How to” Guide

Something just as important as the griddle we cook our delicious steaks on,  is the ease of accessibility for our physically challenged customers.  We here at Sumo  Steaks always want all our customers to have a pleasant dining experience.

Here are some of the ADA guidelines that we had to follow in the city of Philadelphia:


Side-Wall View of ADA Compliant Toilet and Hand Bar Height Guidelines:


ADA Compliant Sink and Faucet Height Guidelines:

Note: different states may vary, check your local compliance office for your state’s compliance rules.

Come back soon as progress continues on Philadelphia’s newest premier cheese steak chain.

-A big Thanks from your friends at Sumo Steaks.


Follow us as we continue to create a fast food chain and a brand.

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