More Big Things Happening – We’re In The Zone and Handicap Accessible

First of all, did you hear? We’ve finally got our Zoning Notice posted and approved.

The unfortunate part was waiting for it. We kept hearing “soon”. But soon was taking much longer than anticipated. We’re good to go now though, and we’re working super hard to get the site of Sumo Steaks up and ready to go now that we have the official go-ahead from the city of Philadelphia. Now we can get the finishing touches on the inside of Sumo Steaks and get that much closer to our Grand Opening, which, in all reality, is going to come quickly.



More good news, the ADA has acknowledged us as a Handicap Accessible location. We always knew we were going to be a handicap accessible establishment, but getting that nod of approval was awesome. We wanteveryone inside of our doors to experience the best cheesteak in town.

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