Twitter Spotlight: @nublueyankee talks Cotto VS Margarito

As you know, we here at Sumo Steaks support a lot of things. Our top two favorite things: Cheesesteaks and great sports.

We came across this post on “Boxing Heads”, a blog by one of our followers on Twitter, Mr. Prez (@NUBLUEYANKEE). The Cotto VS Margarito fight on December 3rd is sure to be a big one. Mr. Prez also shares his thoughts on the rumors of Margarito not being licensed in New York. Be sure to check that post out.

Also, for your viewing pleasure, we wanted to share an interview that Max Kellerman did on HBO’s Faceoff with both Cotto and Margarito. This is a GREAT interview and allegations of illegal wraps are discussed.

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